Shraddha Kapoor's dopplanger in ipl 2024 becomes viral

IPL is a imotion for every Indian,One such a scene is being captured in the 13th match of the IPL 2024 between MI vs RCB. When the live streaming camera is pointed towards a cute girl during the match, the fans present there mistake that girl for the famous Bollywood actress Shraddha Kapoor and on seeing this, fans get very excited, but are surprised & get shocked when they come to know that the girl is not Shraddha Kapoor but a look-alike of Shraddha Kapoor.After this moment, Shraddha Kapoor’s fan accounts are mentioning the photos of this girl to Shraddha Kapoor, whose name is said to be Pragati Pranjal. Since then, it has become a discussion on social media and people are commenting a lot on social media. Some fans are posting photos and writing in the caption that Shraddha Kapoor in IPL match.Shraddha Kapoor while having fun with her fans also posts those posts in her story on Instagram story by writing that, (Arre mai hi toh hoo )

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